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Pemco of New Mexico Inc
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Petroleum well service equipment manufacture, repair and parts. Wind and electric power generating plant repair, fabrication and service tools.
Address2605 N Lovington Hwy Hobbs, NM 88240-2115
Phone1 (575) 392-5553
Fax1 (575) 392-8906
Contact personGarry Wilson
Working hours6:30 AM - 5:00 PM M-F, 6:30 AM - 12:00 Noon Saturday

PEMCO of New Mexico, Inc.


PEMCO of New Mexico, Inc. began operations in 1965 and is a supplier of well service rig parts with a large parts inventory. The 70,890 square feet of building space which includes the Main Office, Rig Shop, Machine Shop, Cut Shop, Paint Shop and Warehouse sits on 24 plus adjoining acres. We specialize in obsolete parts, custom parts and custom fabrication which meets or exceeds the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) parts specifications.

PEMCO of New Mexico’s Rig Shop has continued the tradition of excellence whether it is repairs, rebuilds or new fabrication of derricks, tubing boards, rod baskets, t-sills, crowns, the complete well service rig or custom fabrication for multiple industries. The Rig Shop provides custom shear and brake services as well as custom fabrication, which includes custom tool boxes, shipping containers, equipment guards and much more. The Rig Shop has recently added a roll machine to aid in manufacturing rolled parts such as fuel and water tanks and brake bands. Our Rig Shop mechanics rebuild and assemble new right angle gearboxes, main drums, sand drums, hydraulic pumps, tubing blocks, etc., and provide field mechanic(s) services. PEMCO’s Rig Shop also provides Magna Flux and Ultrasonic testing service with graphical documentation for derrick bases, derricks, tubing boards, rod baskets and tubing blocks.

Our recently enlarged and updated Machine Shop which has both manual and CNC machines utilizes Planit’s EdgeCAM to write programs for the CNC lathes and mill to machine ANSI standard parts such as roller chain sprockets, wire rope sheaves, custom designed parts and OEM parts. Our machinist and fabricators have provided parts and assemblies for the oil field industry, the agriculture industry, the mining industry, the electric power industry, the wind power generating industry, the large construction industry, the trucking industry and the nuclear industry. We manufacture new custom and OEM style hydraulic scoping rams for work over rigs, as well as raising rams for varied industries. The Machine Shop meets our customers’ parts needs from the smallest part to the largest part, for new parts or obsolete parts and keeps within the tolerances you need, imperial feet and inches or metric.

PEMCO’s CNC Cut Shop features PlasmaCAM CNC with a 6 foot by 12 foot table capable of cutting up to ½ inch thick carbon or stainless plate and a Torchmate CNC with a 5 foot by 10 foot table capable of cutting up to 5 inch thick carbon steel plate.

The Paint Shop, which includes the sandblasting service, provides the finishing touches from the smallest part to the complete well service rig. Parts are prepared for finishing; the proper primer is selected and applied, and painted with 2 coats of paint for a protective lasting finish.

The Warehouse provides ample storage for parts for in house use and for resale. PEMCO’s parts sales staff is extremely knowledgeable in providing our customers with their parts needs. PEMCO of New Mexico’s parts department provides parts for new equipment or for obsolete parts. If the part is no longer manufactured many times we reverse engineer the part or provide a custom part(s) to fulfill the customer requirements. Autodesk Mechanical and Autodesk Inventor are utilized to produce 2 dimensional drawings and 3 dimensional solid models of parts and assemblies. The Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) software tools enhances PEMCO’s ability to provide precision parts and assemblies meeting or beating the OEM parts specifications. Custom parts are easily designed with CADD to provide needed solutions for our customers. The new design allows PEMCO and our customer to examine a graphical image of the part for feasibility and function before the parts are ever manufactured. The drawings and solid models are used in digital format by the Cut Shop and the Machine Shop to manufacture the part(s) and prints for fabrication and documentation.

PEMCO of New Mexico, Inc. has the capability to start and finish every job it accepts due to a variety of equipment combined with the knowledge and experience of its personnel. As well as precision machining, PEMCO of New Mexico is a complete welding, fabrication, and design facility. PEMCO continues to routinely acquire additional machines and equipment to enhance production and quality of parts. Recent additions include a large vertical turning lathe, a shaper and a roll machine.

PEMCO of New Mexico is currently in the process of implementing their Quality Assurance System as a tool to provide world class manufacturing and fabrication processes, with excellent customer service and to reduce costs while manufacturing better products. ISO-9000 and API ISO 9000 certification are tentatively planned for in the near future. ISO-9000 is the International Standards Organization certification which meets international requirements. The API ISO 9000 certification meets the international requirements and additional requirements established by the American Petroleum Institute.

PEMCO of New Mexico has received confirmation from the United States Patent and Trademark Office of their receipt of the provisional patent application submitted in reference to the Safety Latching Lifting Hook. Prototypes of the safety latching lifting hook have been manufactured in PEMCO’s shops and then provided to different companies for evaluation. The feed back so far has been very positive. Future manufacture of the hooks will include ‘patent pending’ being marked on the hook along with the part number and hook size.

The Safety Latching Lifting Hook utilizes the safety latching mechanism to allow quick “hooking” and “unhooking”of the lifting hook in a safe manner. The Safety Latching Lifting Hook as submitted to the US Patent Office is used to pick up and to release pipe safely. The spring loaded latching mechanism allows the safety latching pipe hook to easily secure the pipe into the hook slot. The pipe can only be released from the pipe hook by holding down the safety trigger which provides additional safety. The design was initiated for the petroleum well servicing industry but is not limited to the petroleum industry or to metal pipe and can be applied to any lifting hook.

The Safety Latching Lifting Hook will herein be referred to as the hook and refer to the Safety Latching Lifting Hook for Pipe.

The hook has a safety latching mechanism which is unique to lifting hooks. The latching mechanism is spring loaded and allows the pipe to be loaded (hooked) into the hook without having to press the trigger mechanism. After loading the pipe, the spring loaded latching mechanism rests against the inside stop of the hook keeping the pipe securely within the hook. Pulling the trigger retracts the latch from its closed position to its open position, which allows the pipe to be released from the hook.

The trigger has a pivot point where the spring is attached and a pivot pin point to activate the latching mechanism. The trigger is protected by a trigger guard which serves as protection for the operator’s hand and also as a slide guide when loading the pipe into the hook. Both the trigger and the latching mechanism are spring loaded utilizing one torsion type spring. The spring and pivot pin are protected from outside forces by a cover plate which is bolted to the main body of the hook.

The latching mechanism has a pivot point for the latch to rotate around and a slotted pivot pin pocket. The slotted pivot pin pocket is designed to allow the trigger and the latch mechanisms to smoothly work together and is designed to incorporate the full range of motion for the trigger and the latch mechanism.























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