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Factors That Affect Bruce Morgan Bracelet Longevity

Factors That Affect Bruce Morgan Bracelet Longevity
Bracelets by Bruce Morgan are especially attractive and distinct because of the artist’s use of silver and gold, as well as his overlay technique.

Bracelets by Bruce Morgan are especially attractive and distinct because of the artist’s use of silver and gold, as well as his overlay technique. The materials and crafting methods he uses have no doubt contributed to the popularity of his pieces, which are prized by collectors around the world. Some of his best-selling bracelets are storytellers that depict

pastoral and traditional Navajo scenes. His pieces appeal to many collectors because of their clean and distinctive stamp work, as well as for their versatility and one-of-a-kind beauty. If you own any of his creations, take note of the factors that will affect Bruce Morgan bracelet longevity so you can perform the right care and protective measures for every piece:

  • Storage – Keep your Bruce Morgan bracelets from being scratched by storing them properly. Your jewelry will likely come with a special case or pouch that is designed to protect it. Use that to keep it in good condition and prevent or at least minimize tarnishing. If you intend to transfer your bracelets into a jewelry box or a display case, make sure that it is clean and dry.
  • The way you organize your jewelry – Keeping your jewelry organized can preserve their beauty. When storing the bracelet, make sure it is not mixed or jumbled together with other pieces of jewelry that you have, or you risk scratching the gold or silver. Keep everything separated with ample space between each piece in the jewelry box.
  • The container where you store the bracelet – Hard gemstones can scratch gold, which is a malleable metal, and silver can tarnish easily if it is constantly exposed to air, moisture, and humidity (or if it touches rubber items because rubber contains Sulphur). Consider investing in high-quality cases that can help keep your Bruce Morgan bracelet protected from other jewelry and the elements.
  • Abrasives – Avoid cleaning your bracelet with abrasive cleaners. Likewise, avoid wearing it when doing chores or any activity that will expose it to a rough environment.
  • Dirt, grime, sweat, and oil – Are you wearing your Bruce Morgan bracelet for a special occasion? Remember to clean it up before storing it again. This way, you can remove sweat and dirt, and prolong its quality.

However, the really cool thing about Bruce’s bracelets is that they can be worn anytime, anywhere and often, collectors love the look of patina and wear. These bracelets are truly versatile!

About the Company:

Turquoise Direct is one of the most prominent sellers of authentic handmade turquoise jewelry, designed by award winning Native American artists, including Julian Lovato, Harry H. Begay, Arland Ben, Aaron Anderson, Al Joe, Thomas Jim, Tommy Jackson, Calvin Martinez and many others who place only the finest natural American turquoise in beautiful contemporary and traditional silver and gold jewelry.  With an amazing selection of collectible Native American jewelry from bracelets to earrings, necklaces, and rings to buckles and bolos by some of the most collectible and highly esteemed Native American artists in the Southwest, Turquoise Direct is the place to go for the finest online experience on the web.


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